"Did I Forget To Kiss My Cobra Before I Left The House?" . . . Please Come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!

Laura ("Everybody else is such a fool!" ) Ingraham is saying: "So I want to apologize to that Hogg kid once again who apparently can't take a joke and is so immature as to reject my initial apology, so this should not be necessary, . . . . and he's probably having a great time while I'm struggling to survive,, but I want everyone to know I'm not saying this because I'm bowing to pressure. . . . And now they're telling me in my ear that I've got to say it again slowly, I - apologize, - David - Hogg. . . . And oh yes, from the bottom of my heart."


Above CAPTION based on Ingraham's insulting comments about David Hogg which backfired as advertisers bailed from her hate-show. Covered in the Broward County Sun Sentinel:


Source : https://democraticunderground.com/100210435168

"Did I forget to kiss my cobra before I left the house?" . . . Please come CAPTION Laura Ingraham!!!
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