‘Angry Birds 2’ Cast Announced; Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad & Danny McBride Returning


Back in 2016, Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animation teamed up for the Sony Pictures release of >

The Angry Birds Movie

, a bit of a gamble on a massively popular mobile game property that was, at the time, untried as a feature film franchise-starter. After more than $350 million at the worldwide box office, it’s clear that the creative team behind the scenes made a good bet, and a sequel was soon announced. Now, with 

The Angry Birds Movie 2

still scheduled for a September 20, 2019 release, the full cast has been announced!

As Variety reports, returning performers include 

Jason Sudeikis as Red, 

Josh Gad as Chuck,

Bill Hader as Leonard,

Danny McBride as Bomb, and

Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle, while newcomers 

Rachel Bloom,

Sterling K. Brown,

Eugenio Derbez,

Zach Woods,


Lil Rel Howery,

Dove Cameron, and

Brooklynn Prince have all signed on, with 

Leslie Jones voicing of the film’s villain. (No word on 

Maya Rudolph at the moment, which is kind of a bummer.) The release date marks the game’s 10th anniversary, so you can expect The Angry Birds Movie 2 to be a big event for Sony & Co.


Image via Rovio Entertainment

The sequel will be directed by twice Emmy-nominated 

Thurop Van Orman–director of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and writer on such animated series as Adventure Time and The Powerpuff Girls–co-directed by

John Rice (King of the Hill Rick and Morty), and once again produced by

John Cohen with 

Mary Ellen Bauder Andrews co-producing. Emmy-nominee 

Sean Charmatz (SpongeBob SquarePants) acts as head of story with

Peter Ackerman (Ice Age, The Americans) writing the screenplay.

David Maisel and

Catherine Winder are executive producers. Animation will be again be handled by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Here’s a look at your full Angry Birds Movie 2 cast, as announced by writer-producer John Cohen:

Very excited to announce our cast for #AngryBirdsMovie2 – Jason Sudeikis, @joshgad, @Lesdoggg, @Racheldoesstuff, @SterlingKBrown, @EugenioDerbez, Bill Hader, @awkwafina, @LilRel4, @DoveCameron, Danny McBride, @becbenit, @thebrooklynnk & Peter Dinklage! pic.twitter.com/4CB1OcWFY7

— John Cohen (@JohnCohen1) April 20, 2018

And here are some bonus responses:

JUST ANNOUNCED! So happy to be a part of #AngryBirdsMovie2 https://t.co/E3XMbN6Ot7

— AWKWAFINA (@awkwafina) April 20, 2018

!! https://t.co/g94q7YxfJ6

— Rachel Bloom (@Racheldoesstuff) April 20, 2018


Excited to announce I’m doing my first animated movie Angry Birds 2… I can’t wait for my kids… https://t.co/29iVzY7OY2

— Lil Rel Howery (@LilRel4) April 20, 2018

This. Is. So. Exciting.

I loved the first Angry Birds, and can’t wait to be a part of the sequel, and with this AMAZING cast…I’m blessed, BIG TIME…and also @joshgad is my spirit animal. https://t.co/j2q2RLwLjq

— Brooklynn Prince (@thebrooklynnk) April 20, 2018


So excited about this adventure!! https://t.co/p5ecBkbwVT

— Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) April 20, 2018

Source : http://collider.com/angry-birds-2-cast/

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