13 Mexican Dishes You Should Be Ordering But Aren\'t

Do your kids love tacos? Get this 43 piece Mexican food play set from Melissa & Doug and they can cook up tacos, fajitas, and burritos with a range of different fillings. The set includes three durable menu cards on a ring to order a hard taco, fajita, or burrito, what you would like on it, and instructions on how to make each one. 

For protein they can cook up wooden shrimp, beans, chicken, or beef.  The chicken and beef are each two wooden pieces that connect with velcro that kids can "cut" them in half with the wooden knife. Then we get to the fun toppings. For wooden pieces there are tomato, onion, avocado, and green pepper slices. There are felt lettuce leaves and felt shredded cheese that comes in its own queso plastic bag. The can of pinto beans and box of yellow rice each contain a felt sheet printed to look like beans and rice that an easily be rolled into the taco. 

For sauces there's a wooden hot sauce bottle, tub of felt crema strips, and a bottle of squeezeable red felt salsa.  Everything is "cooked" on the included flat skillet with a cast iron look to it that even has a heat-protective cover on the handle. There are so many combinations here and the pieces are durable enough to last.

This is best for children ages three and up.

Source : https://heavy.com/toys/2018/11/best-food-toys/

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