A Day In The Life Of The World\'s Busiest Airport

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Hudson: Hudson is the world’s largest travel essentials and convenience brand designed with customer ease at its core. Divided into four major categories and color-coded for ease of navigation, Hudson delivers the lifestyle shopping experience preferred by today’s traveler. Inspired by the iconic Hudson News brand, store offerings range from books, magazines, snacks and beverages, to travel and convenience necessities, tasteful local souvenirs and electronics.Ink by Hudson: A new contemporary bookstore built around a core offering of books, Ink by Hudson serves as a cultural hub to the airport community and features a curated assortment of bestsellers, small press titles, classics, prizewinners, local favorites, and a unique selection of toys, stationery, fashion, artwork, travel essentials and indulgences.Sweet Indulgences: Offering passengers a wide variety of high-end confections and the world’s most delectable treats. From brand names like Godiva, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey, M&Ms, to a curated assortment of locally and regionally sourced candies, customers will find a treat to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings.5th & Sunset: Hudson Group’s proprietary sunglasses and accessories store, where customers can find a wide range of sunglass styles and brands to suit every taste, need and budget. Offering selections ranging from the leading name brands in high-end fashion – Prada, Bulgari, and Kate Spade – to performance sports – Maui Jim, Oakley, and more.Tumi: Tumi is the world’s leading international business, accessory, and travel lifestyle brand. From overnight escapes to epic journeys, Tumi offers something for every occasion. Upscale in design and quality, versatile, durable and functional, every piece is a work of art, crafted like no other.

Source : http://www.citizentribune.com/news/business/hudson-group-announces-the-world-s-largest-hudson-store-at/article_cd2d7e84-cb5f-5064-af00-6d189c199009.html

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