Apple Reveals New Privacy Controls For IPhone And Mac Users

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iPhone ads are designed for young people / kids. Many iOS and Android customers in the Boomer age group felt the ads weren’t aimed at them, but rather at a much younger audience—possibly even younger than Gen Z. Boomers called them “silly” and “chaotic.” Even Android customers in the Gen Z age group were more open to the ad content.Brand loyalty starts… at birth? Interest in the iPhone ads or in purchasing an iPhone after viewing an ad strictly followed brand loyalties. Android customers of any age were less likely to be interested in the iPhone ads and features, while iOS customers across age groups showed significantly more interest. Most customers expressed a strong preference for the devices they currently own.For Boomers, the ads conjured up science fiction fears. Apple’s face recognition technology created discomfort and concerns with privacy and security among many older customers. For some, it conjured up fears like being tracked by ads on the subway (à la Minority Report).

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Apple reveals new privacy controls for iPhone and Mac users
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