CNU Conference Takes Aim At Street Gangs, Discusses Ideas For Eradication

Paul Taylor was once a legendary — and feared — street gang leader in Newport News.

But after serving 23 years in prison for killing his best friend on Buxton Avenue in 1994, Taylor was paroled eight months ago.

Now 49, he’s on a mission to keep young people out of gangs and give convicted felons a second chance. He organizes basketball tournaments in Richmond and plans to soon move back to Newport News to form a landscaping company that will hire ex-cons.

“I’m here to eradicate some of the social ills that I helped create,” Taylor said. As someone who “was in the life” — and who “still got the swag” — the young people he’s trying to reach tend to listen to him, he said.

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CNU conference takes aim at street gangs, discusses ideas for eradication
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