City Of Seaford Formally Announces "Right To Work" Ordinance

SEAFORD, Del.- After unanimously voting in December to enact a "Right to Work" ordinance, the city of Seaford formally announced the measure in a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Mayor David Genshaw says the move was made to attract businesses to the city once called the "Nylon Capital of the World." 

"Once we saw we had a pathway to do it, not to do it felt irresponsible," Genshaw tells WBOC. "We owe it to our people to go down this path."

Seaford's "Right to Work" ordinance states that no person can be required to join a union, pay dues to a union, or refrain from joining a union as a condition of employment. The city's announcement comes just one week after a similar Sussex County-wide ordinance was struck down. Genshaw says the Seaford City Council made the decision after seeking legal counsel, and he and the council are not concerned about those who question the ordinance's legality. 

"What concerns me more is the lack of jobs," Genshaw tells WBOC. "That should be the number one thing. It's amazing how we let fear override whats really important."

Local union representative and Seaford resident John Rodriguez says the city's ordinance will hurt workers.

"On average, when these right to work legislation are passed, working families ares

suffering about $7,500 or more in lost wages annually," he says. "This is not what Seaford needs in order to promote economic development."

Rodriguez says he was also disappointed that the city did not hold a public hearing for this ordinance before taking a vote.

"If this is so for the people and so for economic development, then why not open it up to the public, for the public to allow input and ideas?" he asked.

To read Seaford's ordinance, visit the city's website



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City of Seaford Formally Announces "Right to Work" Ordinance
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City of Seaford Formally Announces "Right to Work" Ordinance