Comedic Telling Of Robin Hood Tale Comes To Maine South High School Stage

THE CAST: Isiah Barnett-Johnson, Charles Jaques de boys, third brother; Mandi Butcher, Duke Senior; Nick Cyfers, Jaques; Ali Fletcher, Amiens, the first lord to Duke Fredrick; MG Dalton, Touchstone; Zach Dobson, Adam, William; Andrew Durst, Oliver; Eduardo Galaviz, attendant to Duke Fredrick, First Lord (to Duke Senior); Kelsey Hofe, Celia; Stephen Judy, Dennis, Silvius; Tobias Lucas, Le Beau. Sir Oliver Martext, Country Priest; Ethan Lyvers, Orlando; Helen Masters, Forester, Second Lord, Hymen; Story Moosa, Duke Fredrick; Alyssa Poindexter, Lady of the Court, Second Page; Shonna Reeves, Audry; Timothy Runyon, Corin; Madline Sidoti, Lady of the Court, First Page; Emily Stuck, Phoebe and Abby Yazvac, Rosalind.

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