Falsifying Student Records Still A Problem At CPS, Inspector General Finds

Administrators at a Chicago high school for years falsely recorded hundreds of students who were truant, missing or had dropped out as transfers to home-school programs in an effort to put a better light on attendance and graduation rates, according to the annual report from the Chicago Public Schools' inspector general.

The report from Nicholas Schuler's office offers the latest examples of how administrators at some schools have tried to boost graduation and attendance rates by concealing dropouts. The report comes a year after the city tightened its criteria for counting transfers and lowered four years of citywide graduation rates.

The changes CPS made to figuring graduation rates did not account for students listed as transfers from CPS to home-school programs, Schuler's office said. Instead, the district said it would no longer allow schools to count as "transfers" those students who leave school for GED programs, alternative schools outside the system or job training programs. Those students now are categorized as dropouts.

Schuler's office said it has urged the district again to consider re-examining its graduation rate statistics since "there is clearly a possibility that other administrators might intentionally misclassify chronically truant or dropped-out students as 'home-school transfers' as part of improper attempts to artificially inflate graduation rates."

Source : http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-cps-inspector-general-report-met-20161214-story.html

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