Grease Star Reveals Secret That Will Leave You Gutted

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Remember Frenchy from Grease?

Well, the actress behind everybody's favourite beauty school dropout Didi Conn appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today (May 10).

During her chat with Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway, the star dropped a bombshell about the iconic movie – and now, we're kinda mad at producers.

It turns out, there was supposed to be a sequel! And no, we're not talking about Grease 2 with Michelle Pfeiffer. We mean a proper sequel with all the original cast including Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta!

a screen shot of a person: Didi Conn © Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc Didi Conn

"Towards the end of filming when we were doing that carnival scene – remember when the boys were throwing pies at the coach and he says, 'I'll see you in summer school'? That was supposed to be a sequel with the whole cast at summer school," she revealed.

Explaining why the film never came to be, the actress added: "Paramount watched the dance and they said, 'No, we don't want to do a sequel, this is going to be a nice little summer film'.

"So they passed, but then when it became a huge success, John and Olivia were both busy and Grease 2 was born instead – which is very different."

Didi Conn who played Frenchy in the film arrives for the Rydell High Reunion Party to launch the special edition Grease DVD, at the All Star lanes in central London.   (Photo by Joel Ryan - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images) © PA Images Didi Conn who played Frenchy in the film arrives for the Rydell High Reunion Party to launch the special edition Grease DVD, at the All Star lanes in central London. (Photo by Joel Ryan - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images) We're not sure about you but we are absolutely gutted this didn't happen.

On a brighter note, we do have some good news for Grease fans across the land.

NOW TV has launched a pop-up screening experience in London to mark the 40th anniversary of the film, set in a replica of Frenchy's bedroom where the iconic Sandra Dee scene took place.

1978-Movie still from 'Grease.' Promotional group shot of the cast standing near high school entrance. (Photo by Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images) © Bettmann/CORBIS 1978-Movie still from 'Grease.' Promotional group shot of the cast standing near high school entrance. (Photo by Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images)

"It looks fantastic," continued Didi, who is currently in the capital to promote the experience. "I walked into the room and I was so impressed. They did a brilliant job. It really looks like the set."

You can register for tickets to the experience here.

Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

Gallery: Grease stars: where are they now? (Photos)

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>Full Screen 1/13 SLIDES © Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

Adapted from a 1971 musical of the same name, "Grease" (1978) collected $188.7 million at the box office and remains the highest-grossing musical in U.S. As actress Didi Conn, who played Frenchy in the film, turns 65 on July 13, we look at what the stars of the film are doing now.

2/13 SLIDES © Everett/Rex Shutterstock

John Travolta: then

Travolta played the extra cool Danny Zuko, the leader of a gang known as the T-Birds. For his work on the movie, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

3/13 SLIDES © Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Breitling USA

John Travolta: now

Travolta went on to star in some of the most memorable and commercially successful films of all time including, "Pulp Fiction" (1994), "Face/Off" (1997) and "Bolt" (2008). His most recent appearance came in the thriller, "I Am Wrath" (2016) and the first season of the TV anthology, "American Crime Story," "The People v. O.J. Simpson." A trained and accomplished pilot, he was inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation in 2007, an award honoring achievements in aviation.

4/13 SLIDES © Everett/Rex Shutterstock

Olivia Newton-John: then

Newton-John played the role of the beautiful Sandy Olsson, who is visiting from Australia and falls in love with Danny, only to find out later they go to the same high school when her parents decide to stay in the U.S. Towards the end of the movie she joins the Pink Ladies, a female group at school. For her role, Newton-John was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

5/13 SLIDES © Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Olivia Newton-John: now

Newton-John was already an accomplished singer before the movie. After "Grease," she continued her musical career with her biggest hit "Physical" charting at number on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1981. She has won four Grammy awards, produced five number-one Billboard Hot 100 singles and sold over 100 million records.

6/13 SLIDES © Everett/Rex Shutterstock

Stockard Channing: then

Channing played the role of Rizzo, the feisty and tough leader of the Pink Ladies.

7/13 SLIDES © Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Stockard Channing: now

Channing enjoyed a successful career after "Grease." She become popular as the First Lady in the TV show, "West Wing" (1999-2006) and was nominated for an Oscar for the film "Six Degrees of Separation" (1993). A seven-time Tony nominee, she won a Tony Award in 1985 for her performance in "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg." She had a recurring role in the TV series "The Good Wife" (2012-2016) and will be seen in the upcoming TV movies, "Me & Mean Margaret" (2016) and "Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon" (2016).

8/13 SLIDES © Archive Photos/Getty Images

Didi Conn: then

Conn was seen in the role of Frenchy, a budding beautician who wants to make her own beauty products. Her pink hair and lovable on-screen personality became a hit among fans. Conn reprised her role in "Grease 2" (1982).

(Pictured) Conn (in pink hair), with Frankie Avalon (3rd from L) in a still from the film.

9/13 SLIDES © Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Didi Conn: now

She mostly worked on the small screen after the movie. Some of her appearances came in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Transparent." When her son was diagnosed with autism, Conn began working to raise awareness of the disorder. On Nov. 13, 2008, she was made the national celebrity spokesperson for Autism Speaks, an American organization which sponsors autism research and conducts awareness campaigns. Her most recent appearance came in the TV movie, "Grease Live!" (2016).

10/13 SLIDES © Collection/Rex Shutterstock

Michael Tucci: then

Tucci played the role of Sonny (2nd right), a lively, smooth-talking member of the T-Birds.

(Pictured L-R) Olivia Newton-john, Kelly Ward, Barry Pearl, Michael Tucci, John Travolta.

11/13 SLIDES © David Buchan/Getty Images

Michael Tucci: now

Tucci became popular as Norman Briggs from the TV show, "Diagnosis Murder" (1993-1997). In 2015, he appeared in a small role in the comedy TV series, "The Comedians." He has taken a break from acting and now teaches Fine Arts and Theater Arts at St. Francis High School in Southern California.

12/13 SLIDES © Everett/Rex Shutterstock

Dinah Manoff: then

Manoff was seen in the role of Marty (R), a member of Pink Ladies and best friend of gang leader, Rizzo.

(Pictured L-R) Jamie Donnelly, Olivia Newton-John, Didi Conn, Stockard Channing and Manoff in a still from the film.

13/13 SLIDES © Albert L. Ortega/WireImage/Getty Images

Dinah Manoff: now

The actress starred in popular movies like "Ordinary People" (1980) and "Child's Play" (1988). She is also an accomplished theater actor, winning the Tony award for her work in "I Ought to be in Pictures." Manoff was last seen on the big screen in the comedy, "Bart Got a Room" (2008).

13/13 SLIDES

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