Haiti Football : Big Promises Of Moïse To The Senior Grenadiers

Sympathy flowed in before the aftershocks settled. The Dominican Republic's Olympic committee brought dry goods within 48 hours. Then the IOC offered to build a training facility — similar to one recently completed in Zambia — on land provided by the Haitian government. Mondo, the world's leading builder in synthetic tracks, donated its services, and Baker now has the blueprints for the all-sports project on a desk in his office. There will be a synthetic track, a soccer field, a martial arts space and nine courts for basketball, volleyball and handball. Overall, 12 athletic disciplines will be served.

Source : http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/olympics-2012/new-york-samyr-laine-olympic-mission-raise-hope-haiti-article-1.1101333

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