Houston Astros: Alex Bregman The Homerun Derby Contestant

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As we near the All-Star game weekend in Washington D.C this year, we can only sit back and relax with what has truly been a remarkable season to this point. Sure there have been some issues with no decisions, rest, sending down players, and swearing. But, the Houston Astros are once again proving they are a threat to repeat. Five members are selected to the All-Star Game and one of them will be competing in the Home Run Derby.

That’s right! One Astro is competing in the Home Run Derby. Anyone guess who?

It’s not Jose Altuve, although that would be sweet. George Springer won’t be competing because he’s said he wasn’t that type of player. I just wish non-All-Stars competed so that we would see Evan Gattis and Tony Kemp due their Hugs for Homers routine. But the player competing for us in the Home Run Derby this year is Alex Bregman.

Surprised? Well, yes and no! Bregman doesn’t have the typical stature of a power hitter. So, we hadn’t considered him a home run hitter in year’s past even though he’s had his fair share. Well, this year, Bregman has been on a tear. To this point, he’s hit 19 homers, which is really respectable and amazing.

But what’s amazing about Bregman is that he’ll be the only American League player competing. In other words, of the eight contestants, there will be seven National League players and one American League player. Kind of reminds me that one time in dodgeball where it was six against a lonely me. (SPOILER ALERT: I nearly pulled off the impossible comeback.)

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Houston Astros: Alex Bregman the Homerun Derby contestant
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