How Poverty Changes Your Mind Set

As for former Hillary staffer Zerlina Maxwell’s mocking tweet about paying her rent with positive thinking, I would say this: You have to do certain things to earn the money to pay your rent. Are you more likely to succeed at those things if you come at them with a poverty mindset, or with a mindset focused on overcoming obstacles and achieving goals? If you’re not already earning enough to pay your rent, then I’d say you’re proving Ben Carson’s point because your attitude is being reflected in your actions.

It really is too bad the American left has decided to do nothing but mock and scoff here, because poverty is a difficult problem to solve and we could use serious engagement on the part of everyone, regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum. Carson is right when he says that your state of mind affects whether you rise above poverty. I don’t know how any serious person could disagree with that. But these are not serious people, so I guess any of their own ideas on the matter will not be worth considering.

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