I Always Respected The Police, Even In Prison

Federal Prison Camp is color blind. I remember hearing a black inmate complain that he thought the guards were racist. But being treated like we didn’t exist, like we were invisible, is how you’re treated in prison. I respected the police ignoring me and my drug dealer friends. Calling prison cops prejudiced is like saying a blind man is staring at you.

I liked the cops’ attitudes, the ignoring me. I didn’t want to be noticed. I was invisible to the CO’s as long as I didn’t get in their way. I got no favors.  I didn’t want any. I was not looking for companionship from the cops. I wanted to be ignored.

If I were like Michael Brown and hit a cop I’m sure I would have been beaten to a pulp. I would have felt that I deserved it. But I didn’t hit a cop because I respected CO’s, who did a thankless job for little pay and deserved to be treated properly.

One of the white inmates mouthed off to a CO. It disgusted me. The cop took him down to solitary. While he was leading him my friend was cursing him out. To me this was utterly disrespectful. I wanted the cop to hit him. He deserved what he didn’t get. He needed a good beating.

I had a good relationship with my dad and respected authority. I never understood why guys next store to us in the medium-security facility where their jail sentence averaged thirty years would stab each other. I mean, we were all in this together and we shouldn’t be hurting each other.

I have always loved respect. When I go in and out of Gleason’s Gym I am impressed when a tough boxer says excuse me as he opens the door.

I respect cops. The idiot protestors who yell they want “dead cops” as payback for Michael Brown and Eric Garner are destructive. What hedonistic pigs. They don’t care about having a strong police force to protect their children and wives. What will these cowards do when their protection is gone?

And when the protestors are not chanting about killing the cops they are blocking the roads so that little old ladies and men in their cars soil themselves. No respect for old age. No respect for cops. No respect for themselves because they don’t think that they can do better.

Protestors are prima donnas of self-hate. They project their masochism onto the street. They dance the dance of the bullies. They gang up. They thrust their stupidity at more successful people.

Often the white protestors are the most violent. I suppose they do this to show solidarity, and out of a sense that they have to atone for their whiteness, which itself is proof positive of their role in society’s alleged white domination. They feel that antagonism is a rite of passage rather than a simple-minded, mental infirmity.

I’ve been there, done that. When I was a teenager one of my friends started cursing out a cop for no reason. They took him to a station house. I had zero sympathy for him. An orderly society depends on his being punished. The cops hardly touched him. They should have beaten him, a bit, somewhat.

Every time you let a recidivist off the hook, what do you get? Recidivism. And liberal judges who let moral infections loose back into the body politic. And mayors like de Blasio who stack the deck against innocent people with their partiality towards criminals.

Source : http://dailycaller.com/2014/12/29/i-always-respected-the-police-even-in-prison/

I Always Respected The Police, Even In Prison
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