IEEE Collabratec Inspires Discussions On A Variety Of Topics

Some of the recent trending topics discussed within IEEE Collabratec are GPS and artificial intelligence, as well tributes to Stephen Hawking and questions about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

IEEE Collabratec is an online networking platform that allows participants to connect with other professionals in their field, discuss hot topics, and get help with their projects—all in one central hub. More than 150,000 participants have signed up to help advance their career and expand their professional networks.

The platform features more than 75 online communities based on geographic region and popular technical topics and interests. People can post opinions, share news articles, and ask and answer questions.

Shortly after Hawking’s death, for example, a user in the IEEE Collabratec users forum, which has more than 15,000 participants, asked: “What are his greatest contributions to both science and life?”

Several people suggested that Hawking’s most recent books were his best achievements. They include Do I Dare Disturb the Universe and Properties of Expanding Universes. One member said the books changed his perspective on the world.

Others said Hawking’s greatest contribution was the example he set as a scholar. Several said they were inspired by Hawking’s courage and his vast knowledge.

IEEE Collabratec users discussed the impact of GDPR, a regulation that aims to protect individual privacy and empower people to have greater control over their online presence and personal information, including how their data is shared and used. One participant said that regulations and laws are not enough to protect data, and that encryption and technological advances in big data are essential to privacy. Another user said there is no one technology that will be able to protect data. Regulations and principles that can be applied to all technology would be the best approach, she said.

IEEE Student Member Pranav Kumar asked for suggestions on new hands-on activities he could introduce in his engineering program. “Any fresh ideas on workshops or events in the robotics and mechatronics field that can be conducted on a university level (undergrad)? Besides the usual robowars and races?” he asked.

One participant suggested a field trip to an industrial plant, a utility facility, or a warehouse that uses automation. Another proposed organizing workshops that teach soldering and programming with Raspberry Pi.

Whether you have a question about technology or engineering, or perhaps want to share your opinion on a controversial topic, IEEE Collabratec is the place to be. Designed with engineering and technology professionals in mind, it can be a valuable resource for people of different ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

To find out more information about the platform, check out the user guide, FAQs, and users forum.

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IEEE Collabratec Inspires Discussions on a Variety of Topics
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