In Praise Of Mike Scioscia, The Angels’ Shark Of A Modern Baseball Manager

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The text of Mike Scioscia’s Hall of Fame plaque might mention his intelligence, his grit, and the fierce loyalty he inspired as manager of the Angels. It will certainly mention the 2002 World Series and Scioscia’s 1,628 regular-season wins and counting – fewer than only Walter Alston among men who managed a single team, if indeed Scioscia never manages another team.

Cooperstown does not permit enough characters on each plaque to explain the thing that separated Scioscia from his peers, however. To appreciate that one must step outside the dugout, out of the ballpark and out of Anaheim entirely. You have to step inside a WeWork.

“It’s a co-working space where there’s lots of entrepreneurs,” explained Bill Aulet, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. “If I need help on something, if I have a question – ‘by the way, I’m trying to find Java programmers, you know where I can find Java programmers?’ – ‘oh yeah, there’s this group over here. You can do that.’ And you get just the amount of resources just in the time that you want and you don’t have to own it.”

There are 20 WeWorks dotting a map of Southern California, from the 818 to the 714 and points in between. I Googled it. They are some of the most beautiful, open and collaborative office spaces you have ever seen. Most importantly, Aulet said, they are the future of the economy, already encroaching on the present.

Aulet’s point of view is special if not unique. His résumé reveals the antithesis of an ivory-tower elite. As a young man, he was a professional basketball player. He worked at IBM for more than a decade, embodying the late 20th-century ingenuity that spawned the documentary “Silicon Cowboys.” He ran three companies and now teaches other aspiring entrepreneurs how to do the same.

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In praise of Mike Scioscia, the Angels’ shark of a modern baseball manager
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