Letter: Top 10 Reasons Not To Vote For Obama

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I can think of several reasons to not vote for Greg Gianforte:

1) His list of 10 reasons demonstrates that he has little comprehension of how Montana state government functions or the Governor's job description in that broader context.

2) His reference to state finances as a "shambles" is over-stated hyperbole. Regardless, his criticism demonstrates that he does not understand how the current shortfalls occurred or that his proposals to fix the budget would only make matters worse.

3. To date, he has demonstrated that he only wants to be governor for those Montanans who think like he does.

4. In spite of everything that Gianforte claims is "wrong" with Montana, he chose to develop his business here and he succeeded. Rather than trying fix what is "wrong", he should be focused on building upon that which is right.

Source : https://helenair.com/news/opinion/guest/reasons-to-vote-for-me-for-governor/article_ec8a0dc9-0224-5b73-9951-3837be9f8b5b.html

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