Love Island 2018 Reunion – What Happened? Recap, Gossip And Highlights From The Last Episode

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THE Love Island Reunion looked back at the series' best bits and what the islanders got up to back in the UK.

Here's the highlights from the ITV2 show hosted by Caroline Flack...

 Love Island 2018 cast at the after party>Rex Features>6
Love Island 2018 cast at the after party

Dani finally got to see where the magic Jack's pen office

Jack Fincham took Dani Dyer to have a look at where he works at DMG office supplies.

And Dani took over the phones to chat to his customers.

Dani also brought Jack to her local pub The Owl in Essex where she used to be a barmaid.

And the couple pulled...a few pints. 

 Dani got to see where Jack works selling stationary>ITV>6
Dani got to see where Jack works selling stationary

They had a surprise party with all their family and friends and the hot gossip is they're moving in together!

Lots of tears, lots of hugs, lots of love - nah what I mean?

Laura took Paul to Scotland

Laura Anderson took Paul Knops to Scotland where he was fitted out with a kilt which made her fancy him more and more.

And she dropped hints about wanting to marry him.

 Paul on a speedboat with Laura on Loch Lomond>ITV>6
Paul on a speedboat with Laura on Loch Lomond

Then he met her sister Nicole and Victoria her best friend who both approved of Paul and said she had "dignity and class" throughout her dumpings.

The trip ended with a speedboat ride on Loch Lomond and they drank champagne in the rain.

Laura then sort of got an apology from Georgia re the kissing Jack on a date debacle and she revealed that Eammon Holmes slid into her DMs (Laura fancies him).

Megan and Wes had a day out in SouthEnd

Megan Barton Hanson went to Adventure Island and she introduced boyfiend Wes to "sunny Southend."

Wes Nelson said: "It's fun being in a natural environment doing natural things."

Wes also revealed that he would have carried on with Laura if Megan hadn't come on to him.

Megan explained that she's never had any girlfriends because of the negative comments about her dancing career - and explained her secret battle with anxiety. 

They were also crowned King and Queen of the Do Bits Society and were given T-shirts that said "Do Bits Society."

Megan has now cancelled all her public appearances so she can spend more time with Wes.

Iain Stirling's highlights

Iain Stirling, the disembodied voice of the villa finally showed his face and took a look back at his best bits...

 Jack, left, with Dani, right at the Love Island Reunion>Rex Features>6
Jack, left, with Dani, right at the Love Island Reunion

Dani and Jack's fight

Dani and Jack were always meant to be - but like most couples they had an epic fight. 

The lie detector test showed that Jack lied about not having his head turned by other girls once leaving the villa.

This made Dani upset, despite the fact that he was telling the truth about loving her, hoping to be with her forever and wanting a family.

Ian chuckled about their fight in bed in which Dani said she was leaving and Jack replied "What time's your flight?"

 Dr Alex cuddling in bed with Alexandra in the villa>ITV>6
Dr Alex cuddling in bed with Alexandra in the villa

Dr Alex has never actually done 'Doggy Fashion'

Dr Alex managed to make a sex position middle class - according to Iain Stirling.

During the game where the islanders had to state their favourite positions Dr Alex wrote "Doggy Fashion" on his plaque.

But despite this he confessed to never actually having performed "Doggy Fashion" - but he's the poster boy for an STI campaign. 




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Hayley and Brexit

Hayley's conception of what Brexit means has been hot topic of debate.

She thought it was about trees but in a bizarre twist of events she was actually right! 

Now she's being coaxed into backing a second Brexit and getting all political.

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Love Island 2018 Reunion – what happened? Recap, gossip and highlights from the last episode
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