Mark Zuckerberg Meets With Conservative Leaders Including Glen Beck To Discuss Facebook Trending Topics Controversy


It was reported last week that Facebook was omitting conservative news from the Trending Topics list which showcases topics and news that’s driving the conversation on the world’s largest social network. Facebook has been in damage control mode since, reiterating that it doesn’t do what has been claimed in the report, while CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised to conduct a full investigation into the matter. Facebook has now confirmed that the founder and CEO will be meeting with conservative leaders over this issue.


To explain the company’s position over the matter and to listen to concerns, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going to meet with a group of conservative leaders on Wednesday.

Zuckerberg has decided to call this meeting merely days after he said that “no evidence” has been discovered which confirms that Facebook or the curators that work for it omitted conservative news from Trending Topics on purpose.He did say at that time that he will meet with conservatives to further discuss this issue.

The meeting will take place at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California. A spokesman for the company confirmed that the meeting will be attended by “about a dozen conservatives,” as well as members of conservative news outlets including but not limited to conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck, Dana Perino and Zac Moffatt.

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