N. Korea Rips U.S. Demands In Nuke Talks

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ROTFLMAO @ skeptic. Go back to my comment and see WHERE I brought up anything about the national debt regarding Reagan. Are yo really that reading challenged? Just give it up and let the adults debate the issues. It's pretty clear, based on yesterday and today, that you don't have the ability to carry on rational, thought provoking debate.


But, since you went down that road. Let's go back and look at the Obama debt. You can't even get BASIC facts straight. Obama didn't add $17 trillion to the debt. Of the $8 trillion added, part of it was for the economic stimulus package which all agree put the economy on the road to recovery we currently see now. That economic expansion started under Obama and has been maintained by Trump.


Then there's the $787 billion tax cut that was also needed to get the economy on the road to recovery. BTW, there has not been any proven need for the tax cut under Trump other than to pad the pockets of corporations and shareholders. Stagnant wage growth has proven very little of that corporate tax went to the worker. Then let's add in defense spending on the continued conflicts in the Middle East started under Bush.


So, either go back and do REAL RESEARCH or bow out and shut up. You make a fool of yourself with what seems to be every comment you make. And once again, try to read a little more closely before attacking someone. You screwed up yesterday and can't seem to get it right today.

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Source : http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2018/jul/08/n-korea-rips-u-s-demands-in-nuke-talks--1/

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N. Korea rips U.S. demands in nuke talks
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