Nicki Minaj Proves Her “Bed” Video Is Sort Of A Big Deal, Shows Trending Numbers

@Erica – Again, another fail. You can CLEARLY READ. I stated Nicki went GOLD in 6 weeks and 3 days. I also stated, when Kodak stated that Cardi’s ALBUM went gold/platinum on the day it dropped that it got certified due SOLELY ON STREAMS in 1 day. Don’t try it girlie. 100k copies PURE were sold of Nicki’s album, I can get back to you on the number of DIGITAL SALES and THEN the streams but let’s get real Cardi can’t pull like that WITHOUT STREAMS as in GAWKER LISTENING/FREE LISTENING.

You can BE GONE because YOU prove me right EVERY TIME YOU POST. Nicki is GOLD in 6wks 3 days on A SINGLE under the way the game is played. In that game she did 100k in PURE SALES. Cardi did 250k in pure sales, per you, that was after the album was officially available in stores (physically) HOW MANY MONTHS AFTER? In addition, HOW LONG DID IT TAKE CARDI’S singles to sell and she’s been pushed since WHEN?

Don’t try to discard Nicki babe. Cardi can only do GAWKER STREAM/FREE LISTENING no one is buying Cardi’s album or singles. And YES, I know it hurts you but Nicki is at her 30th top 10 single, I know you read what I wrote do to this song AND the new rules. We are all playing by them now babe so don’t RAISE CARDI like SYMBA when she’s all streams but discard Nicki when she pushed 100k pure sales and if YOU LIE and say that Cardi’s ALBUM did 250k pure sales when it dropped I KNOW YOU ARE MAD HURT BECAUSE THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE. It took this woman AT LEAST 3-6 months to get that in pure sales but I can get back to you on that too kid.

Don’t get mad at ME check Billboard – Chun Li #9 per 5-31 AND YES she has MORE top ten’s than ‘Yonce. If you raising Cardi under STREAMS (free listening because her DIGITAL SALES WERE NOT 1 MILLION) then you just insulted Michael Jackson, Elvis and the like.

And yes I am going to CONTINUE TO MOCK CARDI because she can only do FREE LISTENS and EVERY ONE OF HER SINGLES have gotten certified from STREAMS and NOT digital sales or pure sales so don’t try it.

#Stay Mad Because I Busted On Your Face With Fact

#Stop It

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