Play With Your Friends With The Humble Hooked On Multiplayer 2018 Bundle

The team at Humble Bundle have always been reliable when it comes to offering packages of games for a great low price while at the same time helping charity. But its latest deal calls upon you to bring a few friends along for the ride.

The group > has introduced its Hooked On Multiplayer 2018 PC game package

, in which you can score several great games for cheap while helping out both Extra Life and the Special Olympics. The bundle will be offered over the next 13 days and has something to offer for everyone -- even those of you looking to spend just a few bucks.

You’ll find the bundles broken down below. Get ‘em while you can!

Pay $1 Or More

This lower tier has three great games to offer. First up is Stick Fight: The Game, a multiplayer oriented battle for superiority between four mighty stickmen warriors. It’s good fun, although there isn’t an option for single player combat.

Next up is Tumblestone, a diablocally cool puzzle game where you try to clear pieces from a board. This one you can play solo, but it’s more fun with friends.

Finally, there’s Rampage Knights, a cooperative beat-em-up where you can take on waves of enemies alongside a few friends. Use your warriors and clean house with a number of special abilities!

Pay $5.45 or More

Going with this tier nets you those three games along with a trio of extra titles.

First up is Besiege, a physics based building game in which you can lay waste to a number of structures with various tools of the trade.

Then we have Duck Game, Adult Swim’s ultra-zany action game where you try to take out rival duck players with a variety of weapons.

Last but not least, there’s Hover, a Jet Set Radio style parkour skills action game where you can take on rivals in a beautiful 3D open world. This one;’s dazzling on the eyes.

Pay $14 or More


Finally, if you want to pay the most for this bundle, you’ll be rewarded with the previous games along with Psyonix’s hit Rocket League. This is the basic version, but it still comes jam-packed with a ton of cars, arenas and modes where you can dominate the opposition in various sports activities, using vehicles to get the point across.

Again, this bundle will last through May 29, so > pick it up while you can!

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