Republican Party Has Little Confidence In Democracy

John Fake news Williams...god, don't you ever stop lying? They got all the documents they need...but of course if a democrat had nominated a Scotus appointee and told you that, you and yours would be screaming about the injustice and demanding a stop until all the records were released...and by a NEUTRAL third party.

See this is how hypocrisy works...when dolts like you can't even understand words like due process when you're not in power and the abuse the process when you are in power....and then pretend it's no big deal. Hypocrisy.

If I told you that Justice Sotomay0r had used stolen political memos during the course of her job during her early work as a ADA, and then lied about the moo and their use when questioned about it during her hearings when nominated by Geo. Bush and Bill Clinton to higher courts...definite'd be screaming to recall her today so you could stack the court. The good news is that it's KAVANAUGH and NOT SOTOMAYOR that directly has shown he perjured himself by receiving stolen political memos from democratic senators , disseminating them and using them to help get Bush era nominees on courts. And then when asked about it - he lied under oath on two different occasions.

See this too is how hypocrisy works. If you pretend honesty, and nominees that are above board are important then you can't nominate a replacement that has been caught lying with his pants on fire... political optimism and stacking the court even you put an S-sandwhich up rather than consistency, morals and integrity show just what hypocrites you guys are.

I'm not surprised you guys lie to yourselves about your motive and naked political hypocrisy...but the fact that you think we're as dumb and easily conned as you is laughable. just because your dumb enough to believe anything your told on fox and that you parrot endlessly doesn't mean we can't see straight through the lies.

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Republican Party has little confidence in democracy
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