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Located in Doha Festival City, the 17,000 sq.m entertainment zone (including an indoor space of 6,500 sq.m.), is the first Angry Birds theme park in the world.

Visitors of all ages will find plenty of activities, from edutainment to thrills, all drawing inspiration from the Angry Birds stories seen in the games and movies, to suit their level of interest.

The Raft Battle is an outdoor game where participants ride a boat armed with manually operated water blaster guns, similar to the journey that the birds undertake from Bird Island to Piggy Island in the movie.

The Beach and the Bird Bath are family entertainment zones, with special activities and water games even for the little ones.

Buckle yourself to the Angry Coaster for a thrilling ride through the air.

At the City Studio, hop onto the Roller Glider, a 106-meter zip line that allows participants to cut through the air at dizzying speeds; or, scale through an interactive climbing wall; or, experience the thrill of a free fall on the parabolic slide.

Some of the indoor games that are a thrill seekers' delight are the Blast Bomb – a drop and twist tower that features free-fall motion from a height of 11 metres, and the Red Alert where visitors are hurled into a 360-degree spin. Board the bumper cars at the Pirate Coast and take to the high seas in the boat-themed dodgems and take to the high seas, where the battle between the enemies is as fierce as it gets. Shoot other players with an IR beam placed in front of your car that sends them spinning for a few seconds.

For the youngest visitors, the Angry Birdies arena is a soft play area with a variety of age-appropriate interactive games.

There are also go-karting, trampolines and roller gliders, ziplines, etc.

For some edutainment, explore the Big Tree attractions where games based on science, music and art will entertain young and adults alike.

The Angry Birds World entertainment park is a collaboration between the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment, the makers of the Angry Birds brand, and Trimoo.

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