The Blue In Blue Collar

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Submission ID 1825

Date Lost: August 18, 2018

Area Lost: Whispering Pines

Street or Road Where Pet Lost: 6 Martin Way

Closest Major Intersection: Niagara Carthage Road

Owner's Full Name: Patricia Punch


Zip: 28327

Primary Phone: 910-949-3327

Alternate Phone: (910) 722-6063

Animal Name: Snowball

Type of Animal: Cat

Breed: Blue Point Persian

Markings: Blueish Tips on Ears and Tail

Predominant Color: Cream

Age of Pet: 11 Years Old

Is Pet Microchipped?: No

Sex of Pet: Female

Is Pet Spayed or Neutered?: Yes

Tail of Pet: Long

Size of Pet: Small

Coat of Pet: Medium

Ears of Pet: Erect

Collar of Pet:

Collar Color(s):

Collar I.D. Tag(s):

Lost Pet Ad: She has a lion-cut look, fluffy face, fluffy tail, with a shaved body and has blue eyes. She can be very skittish around strangers so call me and I'll try to catch her. She scooted out the door when I let my dogs out Saturday night 8/18 and I haven't seen her since. Call me anytime at either number. She weighs 8lbs.

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