Tom Brady Sr.: Roger Goodell Constantly Lied, It’s Beyond Reprehensible

luckyforus says:

Jan 29, 2017 3:45 PM

I don’t know if Brady/NE did anything to the footballs or not (although the science seems to prove the footballs were at the expected pressure for the weather conditions), but if you want someone to spout a bunch of lies and connect a whole lot of fictitious dots to jump to the conclusion that Brady/NE are guilty of something (I’m not sure of what exactly), then luckyforus is your girl. She seems to have all the answers that even the Liars Club at NFL HQ admitted they didn’t have.


I’m not a girl and I have been stating facts that were reported by Wells or in the appeal. None of these facts have been disputed. Are you bros mad cause you can’t answer my questions?

And your science argument is questionable at best since anyone can make assumptions but until someone recreates the exact environment those Football were exposed to in the entire 1st half no one can prove the science.

So why did Brady lie about knowing McNally. He said he only knew him by face then said he knew his nickname. And why didn’t Brady or the Patriots fully cooperate.

Please answer those questions Bro. Sorry your guy cheated, lied and got caught.


You’re not a girl? Not that it matters – I was just guessing anyway. But, really?

And you have been stating facts that were reported by Wells or in the appeal and that none of these facts have been disputed? Really? Because regarding the science, the Wells report stated words to the effect that there was no certainty to the science.

And my science argument is questionable at best? I made no argument regarding the science. I used the words “I don’t know” and “it appears”.

So why did Brady lie about knowing McNally? I already posted a logical response a few posts back but anyway … Maybe Brady didn’t lie. (Note: I said MAYBE!!!!!!!!!) If he didn’t know McNally by name, he surely didn’t know what McNally’s gameday responsibilities were. If they asked Brady who Bird (or Burt) was, he surely would have answered “yes” and that he surely would have known Bird’s (or Burt’s) gameday responsibilities were. YOU don’t seem willing to acknowledge this possibility and instead want to just say “liar”.

And why didn’t Brady or the Patriots fully cooperate? Wells said they did (I thought you read “everything” already). And, by the way, McNally was interviewed multiple times. And, it was only after the NFL refused to honor NE’s request to retract the false psi info (that the Liars Club at NFL HQ themselves had authored in the e-mails to NE) that NE recognized they were being railroaded and refused to cooperate any further.

But, then, you already knew at all that. But I still expect your next post to start off “Can you explain …?” anyway.

Me: I can’t explain. I don’t know what happened because have I haven’t seen any proof that anything happened.

You: Well, I read a lot of tidbits here and there and have made a lot of inferences to support my conclusion that I KNOW Brady cheated because he never proved he was innocent.

Me: Uh, OK. Now run along, kiddo.

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