Trending: Our Top Outdoor Stories This Week

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A recap of popular stories this week, July 8-14, 2018.


1) Chainless Bike Driveshaft: CeramicSpeed Wows Eurobike

While it looks a bit weird, the CeramicSpeed Driven bike driveshaft certainly turned heads at Eurobike this past week. It doesn’t have a chain or derailleurs, operating with a shaft-drive system instead. It’s just a prototype now, but it could make its way to the production line in the future.

2) Reservations May Soon Be Required at Arches National Park

Our insider national park correspondents on their #NationalParksFieldTrip visited Arches earlier this summer. The landscape was beautiful, and the crowds gigantic.

If a proposed plan is approved, only vehicles with an entry reservation will be allowed to enter the park between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. from March through October.

3) Build the V8 Jeep Truck of Your Dreams

Though Jeep doesn’t offer a Wrangler V8 or a pickup, that hasn’t stopped the aftermarket from offering both. Bruiser Conversions offers four different Jeep Wrangler-based pickups. It even has V8 and diesel power plant options for some impressive Jeep pickup truck builds.

4) First Look: Black Diamond Revamps Tents for 2019

Black Diamond stopped by the office this week and showcased one sleek-looking tent. Beginning in January, the brand will release all-new tents and lineup updates for the first time in a decade. Check out the Distance Z-Pole Two-Person Tent in this sneak peek.

5) Future Cycling Gear: 2018 Eurobike Awards

Eurobike gives us a peek at the best products hitting the cycling market. Here are the show’s award recipients — from startups to sustainability to the best-in-show Gold Award winners.

Browse through the more than 40 products that won awards at this year’s Eurobike.

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Trending: Our Top Outdoor Stories This Week

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Trending: Our Top Outdoor Stories This Week
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