Tyler Perry Addresses Facebook Giveaway Scams

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ATLANTA, GA — Through his own foundation and other charitable acts, Atlanta-based actor and movie producer Tyler Perry is, by all accounts, a generous man. But he's not going to give you a car, house or cash on Facebook.

On Tuesday, the "Madea" star took to his own page, posting a video shooting down scores of phony offers that have popped up claiming to be too-good-to-be-true giveaway offers.

"I am not giving away anything on Facebook," Perry said in the video. "I am not giving away any money. My team has to shut down these things every day. There's a new one popping up."

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Many of the bogus offers are likely phishing attempts. Phishing uses seemingly legitimate offers to trick people into providing personal information like passwords, Social Security numbers and credit card info.

"Do not give your information to any of these people," Perry said. "Do not give them anything. I don't know who they are but, every day, we have to get 10, 20, 30 of those things shut down on Facebook."

A search of Perry's name on Facebook reveals that the scam offers are having an impact. "Tyler Perry giving away money," "tyler perry give away" and "tyler perry money giveaway" all pop up as results when his name is entered into a search bar.

One of the top results of a search for his name on Facebook Wednesday morning was a grammatically shaky post claiming Perry was giving away $500,000 to 100 people.

According to Inside Philanthropy, Perry has a net worth of around $600 million. He created the Tyler Perry Foundation which, according to the site, "aims to transform tragedy into triumph by empowering economically disadvantaged youth, seniors, and families to overcome adversity by achieving a better quality of life."

Recipients of Perry's charitable donations have included youth and education groups, the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Atlanta-based Hosea Feed the Hungry Foundation, among others.

"In my life I'm a giver. I give a lot of things to a lot of people, to a lot of employees. Random things — cars, houses. I do. But that is not true, OK? The Facebook stuff."

Currently, Perry is directing a pair of television series — "The Paynes" and "The Haves and Have Nots." The newest installment of his Madea movie series, "Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral," is due out next year.

The video marked the second time in recent days Perry's name has appeared in Atlanta news. A massive Buckhead mansion built for Perry in 2007 was recently placed on the market for $25 million. If the home, which Perry sold to a businessman-turned-evangelist in 2016, sells for anywhere near that, it would mark the most expensive home sale in Georgia history.

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