Wanna One And Fans Celebrate 1st Debut Anniversary With Worldwide Trending Topic

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Wanna One and their fans Wannable are celebrating the group’s first anniversary together!

The project group made their debut on August 7 of 2017 after the 11 members were chosen through viewer votes during the Mnet survival show “Produce 101 Season 2.” They’ve become an international sensation, and so far have released two mini albums, a repackaged album, and a special album, with their most recent comeback being in June with “Light.”

On August 7 of this year at midnight KST, their official Twitter shared a picture of the group with a message for fans.

They wrote, “Wanna One 1st Anniversary. A year in which everything was special and happy because we were together with Wannable, stay together with us in the future too with unchanging feelings! Thank you and we love you, Wannable.”


워너블과 함께여서 모든 것이 특별하고 행복했던 1년, 우리 지금처럼 변치않는 마음으로 앞으로도 함께해요! 고맙고 사랑합니다 워너블 ?#WannaOne #워너원 #1stANNIVERSARY #20180807 #워너원과_함께한_일년_고마워#Happy_Wannaone_Day pic.twitter.com/QdASpSPRFS

— Wanna One (@WannaOne_twt) August 6, 2018

Shortly after midnight, “Happy_Wannaone_day” began to trend worldwide on Twitter as fans showed their love for the group.

Check out some of the tweets below!

no such thing as first and last anniversary as long as OT11 is forever in our hearts ? Let’s continue walking on golden path together and make beautiful memories ?#Happy_Wannaone_Day pic.twitter.com/xn7hTTIzMR

— 워너원 ☝️? (@woonergized) August 6, 2018

Together and Forever❤️#Happy_WannaOne_Day pic.twitter.com/ebDfqSBgFf

— sweet jihoon? (@sweetjihoonn) August 6, 2018


The journey of 11 members begin 20170807 > Energetic ?

4 sub unit come along

One:The World

Concert tour ?

Look at how active busy they are promoting as a group within a year.

? Wannables are so proud of WANNA ONE ??#Happy_Wannaone_Day pic.twitter.com/zLqRdQDCrI

— 워너원 일주년 축하해 ??☝️? (@yanni328) August 6, 2018

happy anniversary to the ones who manage to make my life a little bit brighter every day. you are one of the best things to ever happen to me and i'd be completely lost without you. thank you for being wanna one and for making this year worth it. i love you ? #Happy_WannaOne_Day pic.twitter.com/RiaEh3KS8y

— wanna one texts (@w1tfln) August 6, 2018

LITERALLY THE BEST glow up happened in a year#OneYearWithWannaOne #Happy_WannaOne_Day pic.twitter.com/YEU3xVdbRJ

— gaille 蔡. ? (@H00NIVERSE) August 6, 2018

Happy anniversary to Wanna One!

Source : https://www.soompi.com/2018/08/06/wanna-one-fans-celebrate-1st-debut-anniversary/

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Wanna One And Fans Celebrate 1st Debut Anniversary With Worldwide Trending Topic
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