What Delta Air Lines Is Doing To Address Talent Gaps

Executives like Ed Bastian intuitively know this and are being drawn to the conversation in order to capitalize on social issues for business outcomes. Whether you blame profit as the main motive, Bastian redirects his rhetoric back to values when he issued a statement that read, in part: "Our decision was not made for economic gain and our values are not for sale. We are in the process of a review to end group discounts for any group of a politically divisive nature." (Interestingly enough, Bastian didn't even check with his Board before cutting ties with the NRA, and they fully supported him after the fact.)

Source : https://www.inc.com/marcel-schwantes/deltas-ceo-says-he-wasnt-trying-to-be-a-politician-when-he-cut-ties-with-nra-real-reason-is-a-brilliant-leadership-move.html

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