Willie Nelson Headlining Rally For Senate Candidate Beto O\'Rourke

Brenda Brauch, 66, a retired grandmother who voted Tuesday in an affluent section of northwest Austin and considered herself an independent, said she voted for Mr. Cruz, but described it as a tossup between him and Mr. O’Rourke. What made the difference to her were the issues of immigration and border security.

“I don’t want open borders,” she said. “I think there should be the right way to come into a country and the wrong way.” She added of Mr. O’Rourke, “I like his enthusiasm, but I thinking he’s missing some points. The border is a real issue for me.”

In his victory speech, Mr. Cruz set aside the aggressive tone he struck during the campaign and thanked his opponent for a hard-fought race.

“I also want to take a moment to congratulate Beto O’Rourke,” Mr. Cruz said. “He poured his heart into that campaign. He worked tirelessly.”

Some in the crowd booed. “Listen, listen,” Mr. Cruz said. “It’s important. He worked tirelessly. He’s a dad, and he took time away from his kids. And I want to also say, millions across this state were inspired by his campaign. They didn’t prevail, and I am grateful the people of Texas chose a better path.”

Other Republicans were not as gracious, and they relished their high-profile victory. James Dickey, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party, said Mr. O’Rourke’s loss echoed the defeat in 2014 of Wendy Davis, another well-funded Democratic star who lost the governor’s race to Mr. Abbott.

“Given the track record now of Wendy Davis four years ago and Congressman O’Rourke this time, I hope that Democrat donors from around the country realize now that they can’t buy office in Texas,” Mr. Dickey said.

Source : https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/06/us/ted-cruz-wins-texas-senate-race.html

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